Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 A Crazy Year Already!

          2013 has truly snuck up one me and I can tell this going to be a crazy year for me. Just by this week alone I have had some crazy changes to my life, one being I finally took a leap and got all my baby teeth taken out, still having baby teeth until your 20 is kinda a family cork. So after a nerve wreaking dentist appointment I had 3 teeth pulled out, as of now I am still feeling sore but all will be well soon.anyways this mean that i will have to start braces again so wish me luck with the undever. I am just looking forward how great my smile will look after. Anyways sorry about the rambling I wanted to to highlight some of my favorite things about 2012.

- The announcement of the royal baby! I am beyond excited to see this little a baby no matter boy or girl we can be sure this will be one very well dressed baby.

-Nannying, I absolutely love being able to nanny for two such wonderful and welcoming families, I love being able to play with kids and do fun activities with them.

- Meeting new friends, all I can say is that I have met so many new people this year I have lost count. What I like about it is that they are very different, I am not sticking to certain type of person.

-Declaring my major, this was another great event of 2012 I recently in November declared my major as psychology with a minor in neuroscience and elementary education. I can not wait to see what the future and knowledge brings to me

- Beginning of my pinterest and tumblr obsession both of these websites are phenomenal and I truly feel like I can never get any work done anymore with either of the websites up. If you're curious here are the link to both accounts, i would look it if y'all took a look or followed me!
                                                  My Tumblr !!!!
                                                  My Pinterest!!!

             I hope y'all had just as wonderful and blessed year as I had thanks!

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