Monday, May 6, 2013

T-Shirt Love

Hey y'all so I know that I have been MIA for some time now, my apologies. However I am back for the summer and I am now refreshed with  so many new new ideas so get excited. Since I have just gotten out of school,  I have been walking around in jeans and t-shirts for most of the time. I love t-shirts but unfortunately  they don't exaclty scream pulled together, however I have stubbled upon some great t-shirt brands that make wearing at-shirt a fashion statement.

A preppy staple is the Vineyard Vines T-shirt 

A New England favorite of mine is Cape Crabber Apparel

 A Southern favorite of mine is Southern Tide

Lastly wether you are greek affiliated or not this shirt is great from the Frat collection

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Writer's Block

Alright I have officially hit a wall in writing I feel awful but I just cant come to think anything. Therefore I am asking all my followers to comment with some idea of post that you would like to see. I would love to get this feedback for my blog and nothing is off limits so feel free to ask away thanks y'all!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Preppy Education's Winter Essential for College

All-right y'all  this post is going to short and simple, here are the thing that I live by for winter.

Cable knit sweater: comfiest little thing ever

Riding boots: these basically replace my ballet flats during the winter they make any outfit fabulous

Yoga pants: great for lounging around the dorm

Great pair of dark jeans: they are a staple for any closet

Pullovers: these are a great way to look puled together yet comfy, they are much better looking than a regular sweatshirt

Puffy vest: these are a god sent, with an oxford underneath you will look polish and effortless

Cute rain boots/bean boots: it amazing  how much it rains and snows so its great to have a pair

 Thanks y'all have a great night!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Note Cards Study Tips

Hey everyone, I hope y'all are having a wonderful morning. I wanted today to talk about a studying tool that I basically guarantee with my life. I have piles and piles of these babies, of-coure y'all know them as flash card but to me they are my life saver. I have been using flashcards since middle school and it is one study tip that saved me from the long hours of studying for bio and chemistry and this semester cognitive psychology and geography. However my approach to using flashcard can be a little unconventional as compared to other techniques.

Simply: Do not use flashcard to memorize a defination word for word unless this what the poffessor expect. For me most professor concentrate more on meaning and connections then the textbook definition. So to prevent myself from this I use the defination in my own words and try to connect as many concpets to that word.

All these notecard are just from this semester alone!!

Colorize: color ink or index cards will be your best freind they can help your organize your card or facts.

Economize: to save money since I literally will go through 500 card in a semester I try and use both sides twice.

Alright well that's all for today bye y'all!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


       I have been obsessed with my Frye boots that I got for christmas. I have to trained myself not to wear them every singe day but that is so hard for me to do. I got the Melissa Button Boot and they are the perfect riding boot they are comfortable and a great color. One of the best thing about Frye boots are the craftsmanship , my mother had a pair that had lasted her 20 years so I've got my finger crossed that mine will last even longer. If you get your boots in a simple style and a nice color you can style them anyway you want.



Have a great night y'all!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Round Two

          Today I received my last textbook for this semester, it has now sunk in that I will have to go back to school and leave behind the days of winter break where I would walk around in comfy clothes and drink tea with a good book. Now my novels are replaced by psychopharmacology and statistics, oh well novels we will meet again very soon hopefully. I start classes on monday and I am trying to get myself out of the care free mentality of winter break and become motivated to have a good semester. So here we go here are some great ways to get yourself prepped and ready for the beginning of a new semester.

           Start changing your sleep schedule, this will do wonder for you when you are back at school because you will not have that sleep deprived shock that most college students have coming back form break. A week before you have to go back simply set your alarm for the ideal time you want to wake up for classes.

Thoroughly read the first chapter in each of your textbook; when I mean thoroughly write notes flashcards and try your best to understand the material before hand. This way you can understand what the professor is talking about and clear up andy question you have.

Start planning your schedule; I usually come up with a schedule of things that are going on this semester from running, classes and eating or studying I plan it all down to a t. Of-course I do leave at least 2-3 hours a day usually in the evening to have some free time in which I watch tv, talk with people in the dorm or do some fun crafting.

Clean your room; this is a great way to start of the semester with a clean space in which you can study. If you are anything like me you can't be efficient with a messy room so I make sure my room is clean and de-cluttered.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

College Internship Tips

It is that time of year again where I am filling out application after application and spending hours searching for the right internship. Strangely enough I love searching for jobs, I love being able to see what is out there. Since the museum is closed for renovations I am unfortunately unable to intern there this summer however this gives me an opportunity to dip my feet into a new area of education. I have been thinking of  applying for a few summer camps in the area or interning at a monastery school. I thought it would be helpful  to give y'all some tips that have I followed during my search

1.Make sure your resume is up to date.

2.Have your references up to date and ready you don't want to be giving out dated information.

3. Polish up those phone manners: In most college internship cases you will have to go through a phone interview or you will have to be using the phone in the work place, there is no better way to impress a future employer than with manners

4. Don't be afraid to try for a reach, just like college don't be afraid to try for your dream internship

5. Come up with a list of special skills that you feel sets you apart for others; this will make it easier in answering of applications and interview questions when they ask what you can bring to the table
6. Network, I can not stress this enough networking really does help you go places especially since it be such as small world so you never know who you could be meeting.

Here are some great internship websites that can help you get a head start on the search

I hope y'all find these tips helpful and good luck !

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Few New OOTDs

        Lately I have not been keeping up with my OOTDs, my apologies for that. I wanted to show just a few new ones that I have remember to take picture of. Remember if you want to see more click on the Preppy OOTDs page at the top thanks and I hope y'all enjoy!

Skirt: Vineyard Vines
Vest : Eddie Bauer
Boots : Frye
Shirt: Brooks Brothers

Shirt: J.Crew 
Tights: Hue 
Boots : Born
Skirt: Forever 21
Necklace : J.Crew

Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Vest: Eddie Bauer
Boots: Frye
 Jeans J.Crew

Sweater: Loft
Shirt: J.Crew
Necklace: J.Crew 

 Have great evening y'all!

2013 A Crazy Year Already!

          2013 has truly snuck up one me and I can tell this going to be a crazy year for me. Just by this week alone I have had some crazy changes to my life, one being I finally took a leap and got all my baby teeth taken out, still having baby teeth until your 20 is kinda a family cork. So after a nerve wreaking dentist appointment I had 3 teeth pulled out, as of now I am still feeling sore but all will be well soon.anyways this mean that i will have to start braces again so wish me luck with the undever. I am just looking forward how great my smile will look after. Anyways sorry about the rambling I wanted to to highlight some of my favorite things about 2012.

- The announcement of the royal baby! I am beyond excited to see this little a baby no matter boy or girl we can be sure this will be one very well dressed baby.

-Nannying, I absolutely love being able to nanny for two such wonderful and welcoming families, I love being able to play with kids and do fun activities with them.

- Meeting new friends, all I can say is that I have met so many new people this year I have lost count. What I like about it is that they are very different, I am not sticking to certain type of person.

-Declaring my major, this was another great event of 2012 I recently in November declared my major as psychology with a minor in neuroscience and elementary education. I can not wait to see what the future and knowledge brings to me

- Beginning of my pinterest and tumblr obsession both of these websites are phenomenal and I truly feel like I can never get any work done anymore with either of the websites up. If you're curious here are the link to both accounts, i would look it if y'all took a look or followed me!
                                                  My Tumblr !!!!
                                                  My Pinterest!!!

             I hope y'all had just as wonderful and blessed year as I had thanks!