Monday, December 17, 2012

Keep Calm and Sparkle On

With it being the holiday season and with invitation to numerous holiday and new years parties piling up I am faced with the question how do I look festive while trying to avoid looking tacky. My answer is sparkle, I am not talking head to toe sparkle I am talking accents fo sparkle. From your eyeshadow, to your nails, there are great ways to look festive while still looking classy.

 Dazzling nails : I love this set from Sephora  and with so many colors it's no problem finding the right one.
Eye catching eyes: I love Urban Decay makeup and NARS has some wonderful colors for parties.

Entrancing shoes: I love Kate Spade and these shoes are perfect for a simple outfit.

Show worthy tops; Topshop is great for dressy top and you can never go wrong with a shirt form J.Crew.

Statement jewelry: these are some great show stopping necklaces form J.Crew.

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