Thursday, December 27, 2012

Etsy Loving

 So finally I am back from Christmas, all the presents have been unwrapped and my family is slowly eating all the yummy leftover form christmas dinner, I am certain I could not look at another turkey for at least a few months. One of my favorite gifts this Christmas from my sister was this great pullover from Etsy. She even knew to get it monogramed with lilly fabric. I am beyond excited because I have been looking for one for sometime I just never took the plunge to buy one. I absolutely love Etsy and I find the website extremely addicting, especially since they always have something new monogramed here are some of my favorite thing on the Etsy website right now.

This is my monogram on the pullover I love it!
Here is another great t-shirt that I got from Etsy

Here some other thing that i am obsessed about on Etsy

You can seriously never have enough tumbler and they are great sorority gifts
I am not a huge fan of baseball cap but this one is just too cute!
Of-course this is the one item that I have been stalking on Etsy you can never go wrong with a monogramed necklace.

What websites do y'all find addicting?


  1. Love your pullover! I love my gold monogram necklace. Haven't gone a day without wearing it since I got it! And ETSY is just amazing! Happy New year!
    Kerri (New Blog)

  2. I have been so into Etsy lately too! That pullover is gorgeous!