Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Outfits

Sorry y'all for the lack of posting in October it has been a extremely crazy month and I wanted to really pay attention to my classes. However it is that time of year when you are surrounded by relatives and eating some much needed delicious food. I am so excited for Thanksgiving break but of-course when being surrounded by family you want to look your best  here are some great outfit that are just as festive as they are classy.

Traveling: I will be  going home a little late this year since I have to nanny on Tuesday. I am looking something that will help me look pulled together but also that I can easily nanny in.
Thanksgiving 2
Birthday:It's my little sister birthday this week so we will be having a little party for her while everyone is home.
Thanksgiving Day: I am usually helping my mom cook and set up so I usually go for something that is comfortable

Thanksgiving 4

Thanksgiving Dinner This is when you want to look your best but also be able to eat a-ton so your skinny jeans would not be the best option.

Thanksgiving 3
Black Friday Shopping; I want to look pulled together while in the craziness of shopping on friday.
Thanksgiving 5

Thanks Y'all! Happy Thanksgiving!