Monday, October 15, 2012

Book Rentals

 College as we know can be crazy expensive and that just with tuition but add in other things such as dorm materials and textbooks it get ridiculous! I have found one great way that you are able to cut corners and defiantly save money, many be for a new pair of Tory Burch’s perhaps haha. A great way to save money in college is to use college textbook rentals.  A great company that I absolutely love using is CampusBookRentals

 Some of the great things about CollegeBookRentals are;
  •        The cost of-course
  •       You are not stuck trying to sell you old textbooks , which is a huge hassle.
  •        You are able to highlight and writ in the book , for me this was the main thing I was worried    about y’all know how I like to highlight.
  •       They are involved with in the community, they have been working with operation smile and as  a fellow member this matter a lot!
  •         Your textbooks are shipped free, and with the cost of shipping right now that a great deal.
  • you won't have to spend hours searching for your book on the internet or bookstore, just have your ISBN number and you can enter it here; Categories for Books
If you’re a college student I defiantly encourage you to take a look at this site it will defiantly make getting college textbooks less of hassle. Have a great day Y'all!

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