Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Put a Sock In It !

The weather is starting to get cooler and I am seeing boots all over the place, the only problem is that most boots look the same so I wanted a way for mine to stand out. I have been on tumblr and have found these adorable boot socks for your riding boots. I was lucky enough to find a cute pair at target that are grey and are perfect with my brown boots. I am now obsessed and have been looking for more.

I mean how cute are these, I love them! They really add something to an outfit!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Book Rentals

 College as we know can be crazy expensive and that just with tuition but add in other things such as dorm materials and textbooks it get ridiculous! I have found one great way that you are able to cut corners and defiantly save money, many be for a new pair of Tory Burch’s perhaps haha. A great way to save money in college is to use college textbook rentals.  A great company that I absolutely love using is CampusBookRentals

 Some of the great things about CollegeBookRentals are;
  •        The cost of-course
  •       You are not stuck trying to sell you old textbooks , which is a huge hassle.
  •        You are able to highlight and writ in the book , for me this was the main thing I was worried    about y’all know how I like to highlight.
  •       They are involved with in the community, they have been working with operation smile and as  a fellow member this matter a lot!
  •         Your textbooks are shipped free, and with the cost of shipping right now that a great deal.
  • you won't have to spend hours searching for your book on the internet or bookstore, just have your ISBN number and you can enter it here; Categories for Books
If you’re a college student I defiantly encourage you to take a look at this site it will defiantly make getting college textbooks less of hassle. Have a great day Y'all!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Outfit Inspirations

With this cool weather, leaves falling, college student pulling out their boots and scarfs yeah it's defiantly fall now y'all so get excited! This is by far my favorite season just because of the colors, the warm layers, and the campus looking picture perfect.

Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Extreme Study Tips!!

Attention this post is not for the faint of heart when it comes to studying

So I have done numerous tips on studying and testing, but I figure I would give you an inside look on studying for what I believe are the most difficult types of test; Foreign language test. Like I said if you are not a huge study fan well I hope this post inspires you to hit the books and helps give you some tip on how to tackle studying. The test that I am studying for currently is a Latin exam is worth 20% of our grade. Therefore I am pulling out the big guns for this one.

Material you may want to have, it depends on how you study :
  • ·      Post-its
  • ·      Computer
  • ·      Highlighters
  • ·      Colored pens
  • ·      Pencil
  • ·      Flashcards note book paper
  • ·      Wipe board the bigger the better!!
  • ·      Binder/ notebook to keep everything together
    Materials for language
  •  Textbook
  •  Dictionary (Ex Latin—English)
  • Grammar book
  • Spark notes for language ( optional but extremely helpful)
    Optional materials you may want.
  •     Coffee/ tea something caffeinated, but I strongly discourage energy drinks
  • Snacks: candy is a good way to reward you self , ex if you memorize 5 flashcards you get a starburst it really motivates me.
  •    Comfy clothes
  • Classical music( I am a huge fan of classical music and it doses not distract you form what you are doing)

Sorry for the long list but I promise you once you find what work you will certainly stick with it. Now lets get down to business ( Too defeat the Huns … haha ) So ahead and grab a huge cup of coffee because well you may need it I know I do.

Tips For Studying!!!!

1.     Make use of wipe board when doing translation this way you are able to save paper and your final translation will look neater.

2.     If you have to memorize a transition make sure to break it up by sentences this way you will not be so overwhelmed

3.     Highlighters are your best friend when it comes to translating you can use different colors to distinguish between nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives.

4.     Make sure to make flashcard of important ending for declensions and verb endings

5.     Make sure to start studying at least a weak in advance so that you are not having to pull an all-nighter. break up your information so you study a little at a time. I broke up memorizing a translation by splitting up paragraphs.

6.     Make sure you have a post-it with exactly what is going to be on the test that way you are not studying unnecessary materials

If you follow these steps I can promise that you will feel more confident in the information thanks y’all!