Friday, August 17, 2012

That's Allot of Bling!

Jewelry is a staple to any killer outfit, this is a well know fact that you can have a statement necklace that really pops it creates an outfit. Jewelry for me is an obsession and I am now coming to terms that I need a new jewelry organizer.

                                       I already have this one, which i love and you can hang anything from bracelets to earrings on it . 

These are the one I am looking at 

I love Pb Teen because they do such an elegant job with their organizers

This is Pb Teen also, I love the pocka-doted backdrop!

The flower would leave allot of room to be able to hang jewelry on. 

Lilly colors, the design is great but I am unsure about the size, either way it look like it would work really well.

How do you normally organize your jewelry?


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  2. I use one of these for all my jewelry. It's my fav way to store everything. It has tons of space for all my jewelry, looks neat and organized and a littler safer since not all on display PLUS you get to display all your pics of friends with it too!