Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Yeah everyone has them, those guilty pleasures that you would tell none about, mine is reality TV. I know it horrible and the shows are supper cheesy but they're hilarious and sometimes intresting. My favorite guilty pleasure are 

Gallery Girls : Bravo I have  seen only their first episode but I am hooked . It's about a groups of girls in New York City that are working in the art gallery industry. Why was I watching this you may ask, well this has always been one of those dream jobs for me to either work in a gallery or an art museum.

Beverly Hills Nannies: this show is absolutely  hilarious just fort eh mother who are so out there and over the top but the nannies are just as bizarre.

Toddlers & Tiara : Warning this show is super addicting. I love this show to be able to see all the personalities of both the kids and the moms and how they work together

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