Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Elementary My Dear...

My younger sister is will be going back to school so I deiced to do an elementary back to school here are some of my favorite picks for those little kiddies!

1. Hand Sanitizer; this is a must when it comes to younger kids, so pack a small bottle in their lunch box. Bath and Body Works has some great scents, but you can also find great ones at Walmart or Target.

2. Benito Box; last year my mom bought this for my sister, she loves it, especially because it comes with magnets so she can change up the look of her lunch box. These are from Planet Lunch Box.

3.Cute Folder; I remember this being a huge deal in elementary school, kids had to have the coolest or the cutest folders here are some great ones.

4 Sneaker/ Sperrys; recently my little sis has been wearing her little Jack Rogers everywhere but now that school is coming up we have gone on the hunt for a small pair of Sperry's these are the ones she wants. I love the sequins!

5. Backpack; without a doubt this is a huge staple in school, I absolutely love this one.

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