Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tips On What to Do On the First Day of Class.

     I have a strong belief that what you do the first day of class will effect how well you do in the class, its not major things that you have to do just small little things, that can really help you succeed in your class

1. Sitting in the front of the class, this has been repeated to me time and time again and it truly doses work because this causes you to pay attention. 

2. Introduce yourself to your teacher/professor this way you professor will recognize you and your work may stand out to them.

3. Read your syllables thoroughly, this way you can pick up on any ways you can get extra credit.

4. Read the first chapter before you get to class this way you can already be ahead and the professor is only reenforcing the information given

5. Make sure to write down all your quizzes, test, and other important items for all your classes because this way you will be prepared for it and not caught off guard.

6. Make friends with your neighbor, chances are you maybe sitting with this person for the rest of the year so be friendly and who knows if you are sick one day they may let you see the notes that you missed.

7. Print out all power point and class material before class, this help you if your teacher move to quickly or you miss some info, you can refer back to it. 

Have a super great year y'all!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Dress Up a T-shirt !!!

This past week I have been forced to wear t-shirt everyday for oreination. I don't wear T-shirts that much or ever so I had to find someway to dress up the t-shirts here are my tips. 

Add pearls, no need to elaborate haha

Wear a cardigan this is supper cute of you adda sweat colorful cardigan

Don't be afraid of cutting it this can later the shape or the size so that it helps to fit you better

Wear a bow in your hair this way you can a little prep to your outfit

Friday, August 24, 2012

"Fancy Coffee"

This week has been the craziest week for me , I am an Orientation Leader fir the class of 2016 orientation, my days have been packed. With the late night activities and early mornings along with trying to keep up my energy I have been basically relaying on coffee to supply me with my much needed energy. I love coffee it has become and obsession for me but I am trying to avoid going to Starbucks  here are some great tip I am using to make some "Fancy Coffee".

Add flavored syrups this makes the flavor more intense and super delicious coffees

Add nutmeg shaving or chocolate; it make your coffee look  fancy 

Buy flavored coffee like chocolate raspberry or vanilla hazelnut.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How Feel Like You Belong in College

           With the large number of student crazy crammed classes these no wonder that as a  student you can feel like you don't belong. I have continually heard from numerous people who have transfer saying they don't belong but the reason was they did not make an effort to become involved in college. I have a huge network of friends this is all because I was not afraid to get involed. Now I am not saying that you have to join a huge club or organization I am just saying find a club that you could see yourself in. This way you alwsy have studnet that can help you and support you though those tough times. 

1. Get involved in a club/ organization that you are really passionate about. Don't just choose a club that throws the best parities or has the craziest trip because it may feel like more of chore than a fun activity.

2. Step out of your comfort zone, this may be one of the hardest tip to do but once you are out your comfort zones you are more willing to talk to people and meet new people.

3. Go to as many meeting as possible, this will help you become familar with the people who make up the organization and also people to becoem fmailar with you.

Thanks Y'all!!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

College Preppy via Pinterest

Hope y'all enjoy pictures via Pinterest college theme!

Happy Tuesday!!!!!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N for Dorm Closets

Organization is a huge part of my life and I incorporate it in to everything I do. I am a compulsive orgaizers especially when  it comes to rooms. I am so thankful to my roommate who was able to understand this. In college you move out on your own and chances are your dorm is going to be a huge part of that year so naturally you want it to be  neat but did you ever think about your closet? Well to help you make the most of your closet dorm here are some great organization tips to keep in mind.

 This is my new but very small closet at UMW

Best pack found at Lowes and only $18!!!

Collapsible closet organizers are great if you have  a ton of shoes because they clear up the floor for large items

 Buckets these are great for the random stuff that you have in your room that you don't want seen like laundry detergent or first aid kits
These are Martha Stewart from Lowes

  Skinny hangers, because with lots of clothes you don't want to take up extra space with bulky hangers

Color coding your closet helps making outfits easier to make

Organize your clothes by shirts( short sleeves, tank tops, and long sleeves), sweaters, blazers/coats, and dresses.

What are some way that you make the most out of your closet?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Im Not In Va Beach Anymore !

Hey y'all so I am officially moved into my new home at UMW. I am beyond excited to be able to get the year start!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Yeah everyone has them, those guilty pleasures that you would tell none about, mine is reality TV. I know it horrible and the shows are supper cheesy but they're hilarious and sometimes intresting. My favorite guilty pleasure are 

Gallery Girls : Bravo I have  seen only their first episode but I am hooked . It's about a groups of girls in New York City that are working in the art gallery industry. Why was I watching this you may ask, well this has always been one of those dream jobs for me to either work in a gallery or an art museum.

Beverly Hills Nannies: this show is absolutely  hilarious just fort eh mother who are so out there and over the top but the nannies are just as bizarre.

Toddlers & Tiara : Warning this show is super addicting. I love this show to be able to see all the personalities of both the kids and the moms and how they work together

J.Crew CrewCuts Fall Line

The first day of school is always important but the first day of school outfit is essential. When I was younger I would plan my outfit a week in advance and also come up with alternatives. I have been looking at new clothes and of-course went straight to J.Crew. Out of curiosity I  looked at crew kids and yet again they have some super cute items.

Pink oxford tunic is a must for this fall, it's perfect for class.

The color is perfect and the buttons on it just makes the dress.

Sparkly backpack perfect for that little princess.

School boy blazer love!
This tote I am obsessed with it to cute!

J.Crew Crew Cuts has out done themselves this fall, go to their website to see what other great fall finds they have.

Friday, August 17, 2012

That's Allot of Bling!

Jewelry is a staple to any killer outfit, this is a well know fact that you can have a statement necklace that really pops it creates an outfit. Jewelry for me is an obsession and I am now coming to terms that I need a new jewelry organizer.

                                       I already have this one, which i love and you can hang anything from bracelets to earrings on it . 

These are the one I am looking at 

I love Pb Teen because they do such an elegant job with their organizers

This is Pb Teen also, I love the pocka-doted backdrop!

The flower would leave allot of room to be able to hang jewelry on. 

Lilly colors, the design is great but I am unsure about the size, either way it look like it would work really well.

How do you normally organize your jewelry?