Monday, July 2, 2012

Vermont Bound

Today has been incredibly busy for me since I have been packing for my birthday trip to Vermont. I absolutely love going to Vermont, not only because it's incredibly gorgeous in the summer, but also because it's a great metal break for the craziness. Anyway I have been busy packing and let me tell you trying to pack 10 outfits along with shoes and other essentials into one suitcase is an incredible feat. Vermont weather tends to be a little cooler so that means packing a few sweater and sweatshirts. Well I deiced to employ my rolling trick, I have talked allot about this trick in past post.
My purse essentials: Books, I pod, phone, bandaids, glasses, fruit leather, wallet, and camera 

Shoes; Sneakers, top siders, gladiators, and Jack Rogers.

My plethora of outfits and shoes !

 Roll technique 1st layer 

Roll layer technique 2nd layer 

 Other Essentials 

The final product, everything fit into one small rolling suitcase and my purse.
That's all, my next post will be from the mountains in Vermont. 

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  1. I kid you not I just got back from vermont two days ago!! I went sailing with my family on the lake and we had loads of fun wine tasting, though I think we caught the heat wave it was almost 100 degrees!
    Have fun I wish I were still there:)