Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Put A Lid On It !

Today I am going to talk a little bit about organization and a little bit about decorating. I found the wonderful idea from some friends, basically you take an old jar so like a pickle jar and you wash it out then you decorate the lid of the jar along with adding a label. These jars are perfect for organization of desks.

They are also perfect for Teacher Treats!
I love this idea! I have already started on one, I hope to have at least have 3 by the beginning of school.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

You've Been Framed

Going along with the spice up your dorm room week I have been looking for some great DIY ideas. I have seen this  done dozens of times and when it has been done correctly it can look so classic and chic. Basically your take shopping bags and you frame them. Here is some picture of the way the can look really cute!

I absolutely love this idea and I have been saving up shopping bags from my favorite stores to start my own collection.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spice Up Your Dorm Room Week!

Today I am going to kick off a week full of posting about spicing up your dorm room. I figure since school is approaching it's time to start thinking about some great decorating ideas. I hope everyone is super excited because theses ideas that  I have for posts are amazing. Anyways today's posting is all about  sequines. I love glitter and sequins, and if your ask anyone who knows me they will say that my favorite colors are pink and glitter.  I have been wanting to to this craft for a while now since I saw something similar on Let's be Preppy! She created her monogram on a canvas an covered the canvas in acrylic gems. Well for mine I took those acrylic gems and created a giant A and centered the color scheme around my bedding. This project can take you from 2 hours to like 10 hours it all depends on how much of the canvas you want to cover in sequins, here is the final result.

I also have seen this done with other materials like glitter, buttons, and taking a wooden letter and cover it in paper. These are some other examples all thanks to Pinterest.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Lunch time always bring me back to thinking of lunch boxes, cute cut up sandwiches with notes from your mom on a napkin. But now that I am older I almost miss those days, when I go in to work, it usually what I have been able to scrabble up from our fridge in the last 10 minuets before heading out the door. Then I was scouring out library today and found this book called the Vegan Lunch Box, it is beyond cute. Even though I am not vegan the lunches and the presentation is adorable, it defiantly makes me wish I could make lunches like that.
I love the use of fruit to make the rainbow, it looks so yummy !
I love the colored container and the veggies with the pita bread  
I could not help myself with this one, the pirate theme was just too cute !
I love how many different things this lunch has and the flowers are so adorable.
A little more sophisticated but still looks amazing.

Do you have an great tip on how to make some great lunches, if so I would greatly appreciate the input thanks.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Vermont Bound

Today has been incredibly busy for me since I have been packing for my birthday trip to Vermont. I absolutely love going to Vermont, not only because it's incredibly gorgeous in the summer, but also because it's a great metal break for the craziness. Anyway I have been busy packing and let me tell you trying to pack 10 outfits along with shoes and other essentials into one suitcase is an incredible feat. Vermont weather tends to be a little cooler so that means packing a few sweater and sweatshirts. Well I deiced to employ my rolling trick, I have talked allot about this trick in past post.
My purse essentials: Books, I pod, phone, bandaids, glasses, fruit leather, wallet, and camera 

Shoes; Sneakers, top siders, gladiators, and Jack Rogers.

My plethora of outfits and shoes !

 Roll technique 1st layer 

Roll layer technique 2nd layer 

 Other Essentials 

The final product, everything fit into one small rolling suitcase and my purse.
That's all, my next post will be from the mountains in Vermont.