Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vicious Cycle

All right I really going to open up to my readers in this post I hope that you still give the up most respect that you had for me before reading this post. I appreciate it very much. Since the beginning of high school my weight has always changed freshman year I was under weight and then after a lazy summer and an emotional sophomore year I became over weight. Thorough the ups and downs of my weight myself esteem has really taken a hit. This year has been especially hard because I was living in an all girl freshman dorm and surrounded by skinny girls that could eat what ever they wanted and not have guilt for that surrounded me. Well that is far beyond how I felt. Through out these past years I have tried everything from going vegan, I was vegan for 3 years, to starving myself for days. Well let’s just say my weight has always bounced back and I have never been satisfied with the results. But this summer has been a complete break though for me, my goal for this summer was to become more confident and I defiantly feel like have completed that. I have been working on accepting my curvy figure and well this summer I am finally able to embrace. I feel like I can finally wear by bathing suit to the beach and be confident. My point to this post is that well I know that being in college and high school can be like emotional warfare you eventually just have to say "forget it" and begin to accept yourself for who you are and what you are like. After you have done this you will become more comfortable and confident in yourself. Now I am going to get my soapbox and wish y'all a great night, thanks everyone for listening to my rant.


  1. I applaud you for this post. There are not that many important things in your life than accepting who you are and celebrating your body. I, myself, am not in shape, not the least, and I am overweight, and I also have body issues from time to time, BUT I absolutely LOVE who I am and I have enough confidence to share with 100 people. I'm happy and that is all that really matters. Kudos to you! I'll be wearing my swimsuit too!

  2. Good for you. This was a really nice post, and I completely agree 100%, it took me since last year to realize that nitpicking about weight becomes a time consuming and hallowing effort that fosters more psychological problems more than anything else! (at least for me haha...but im just a freshman in college) I feel like the older we get, the less it actually starts to matter what we look like, and the more it starts to matter how we are on the inside, as corny as that sounds:)