Thursday, May 31, 2012

Under the Weather

I think I maybe the only person to have cold in the summer. I just don't get it, I use my hand sanitizer  and boom I still can't keep away a cold. Today was the worst ,with the headache, sore  throat, and coughing during meetings I was so embarrassed. So I have turn to my with out fail  products that help me get over a cold .

1. The Neti Pot ; now I know this is strange but after my older sister started using it she swears by it , so I bought one and it does wonders!

2. Vicks Vapor Rub: my god this stuff is amazing it really helps you breath

3. Delsym cough syrup: this stuff really does last for 12 hour and for me that's a god set during my meeting. I just take it before I leave for work and then i am all set

4. Tea: nothing helps your throat better than hot tea with lemon and honey : now don't get me wrong right now i would much rather be drink so ice cold sweet tea but , the hot tea really does the trick

5. When I am sick I got to bed at 10 just so I can squeeze in some extra REM sleep which is the time when your body heals itself and fight off infections.

So there you go , if you find yourself plagued with a summer cold these are some great things for you to do to help get over your cold faster and be able to enjoy summer.

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