Monday, May 14, 2012

Cupcake Obsessed

I am going to admit that I may have a small cupcake obsession, this all started when I started to watch DC Cupcakes. It's a show basically about two sisters who have a cupcake bakery in Washington DC. I love the show. Anyways I now am obsessed with cupcakes even so much as to have an entire board on Pinterest devoted to them. This summer I have deiced to start trying out some recipes of cupcakes that I have found on pintrest. Maybe you guys can help me choose which on to start off with 

Peach cupcakes: I love anything peach flavored and these are just too cute!

Key Lime Cupcakes with Blackberry Frosting: these are perfect for summer.

Ice Cream Cupcakes: I remember my mother making these for my birthday when I was little, I still love them.

 Barbecue Cupcakes: I could not resist pinning these they are just too darn cute and they would be perfect for a summer barbecue 

Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes: I love anything raspberry flavored and with lemon it's a perfect combo.

Feel free to comment with any other cupcake recipes you think I should try. I have a feeling that there will be allot of desserts in my families' future.

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