Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top Ten Things You Might Forget to Bring to College

So we all know that there are alway things that you think you will never need in college but there are  also somethings that you will never think to bring to college that you will need. Here are my top ten list

1. Rain boots: many campuses flood and freak rain storms happen all the time .
2.Bathing suit: there usually a pool and also can be used for tanning
3. Flashlights: I have had yo use my flashlight a few times this year
4. Baking sheets: there will an occasion in which you will have to bake cookies
5.First aid kits: I have fallen allot on  campus and never think to bring band aids
6.Can opener: you never know when you will need this 
7.Aloe: I can not tell you how many sunburn i have had from doing homework outside
8.Batteries: they are always needed
9.Calcualtor: even if you are taking math classes
10. Duct tape: it is very handy for anything

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