Thursday, April 5, 2012

Let me just say sorry for the lack of post it seem like the past week has gotten beyond crazy from bio projects to multiple tests. I find myself running really low on motivation. For me I have a few tips to help overcome that feeling you get when you frankly dont' feel like doing anything or have a lack of motivation.

1. Plan out your day to the hour: I plan out my day the night before on i-calendar, I find that planning out my day to every hour that I will be less willing to waste time.

2. Go on a run or exercise: if you have some time on your hand go out for a quick run or exercise, I find that once I come back I feel extremely focused and ready to get to work.

3.Grapes: I eat grapes so much, they are like candy for me and when I am reading or studying it a great way to keep me focused.

4. Coffee: I live off of coffee, when I have sip coffee (not chug) I start to feel more focused. 

5.Change up your environment: sometimes I feel like I just can sit at my desk for an hour longer so I go to the library or even outside to study, our school has a huge lawn area which is my favorite place to study.

6. Work in a clean space: if your room is messy you will be distracted by them mess an be able to study.

I hope this helps and I hope everyone has a great Easter !


  1. I always plan out my schedule hour-to-hour whenever I have an exam. I find that it really helps me prioritize my time. I always make sure I leave an hour or so in the day for free time, though.

    And coffee. Coffee have saved me from insanity so many times!


  2. thanks!!! this was so helpful, i love reading your blog, especially the parts about college and how to organize/study etc:)