Thursday, April 5, 2012

College Tours

I am lucky enough to be able to guide tour around UMW, I love doing this, it really makes me feel like I am contributing to the school, and I love getting student as excited about UMW as I am. Well since it is about that time where you junior will be looking at schools or even you senior making your last minuet visit to schools. Here are some tips on visiting colleges.

1. Wear comfortable shoes: depending on how large the campus is, you are going to be doing  allot of walking. You don't want to wear those sky high heel along a could campus walk because chances are it's brick and heels and brick don't mix.

2. Check the weather, many a times it has been pouring rain and I will still be giving tour.  It  can be so humid that you can barely move so dress appropriately.

3. Dress to impress, you want to look pulled together especially if you have an interview, so make sure to wear something that cute but comfortable. I suggest a sundress, or a cute shirt and flats works fine.

4. Be outgoing, don't be afraid to ask questions, this is the school you will be at for 2-4 years so you want to know all you can know about the school. 

5. Talk to some students, on UMW campus we are all friendly and multiple times I have had parents asking about the school, to be honest I tell them the truth I tell them the pros and cons of the school. Therefore if you talk to current student you will get the perspective of the actual student rather than what the school has crafted.

Well good luck to all you high schoolers in your college endeavors, best of luck to y'all!
*PS the next post is also going to have to do with college tours so get excited!*

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