Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Freshman 15 !

I know hard but many freshman will fall to the freshman 15. I have been working on maintaining my healthy lifestyle, however sometime it's really hard.When you're in college everything is at your reach from pizza, fries to wings, all the indulgences are accessible but you don't have to cave in. Here are some great options to use in college to fend off the freshman 15! 
1. Drink juice, water, or milk, I know it tempting there being all access to soda but it is better to reach for some milk, or in my case soy milk, you will feel allot better

2. As my mom always told me "it's not the food that you eat at college, it the amount your drink that causes the freshman 15" so limit the amount you drink or don't even drink at all. You will feel allot better about yourself the next morning after a party.

3. Reach for veggies/fruit, my school has allot of fruit side options .

4. Exercise you will have some free time in college so take advantage and go to Zumba class or go for a run.

5. Limit the amount of Ramen and Easy-Mac you eat, this stuff is crap to me , it has a huge amount of sodium and preservatives in it.

6. Drink water, after I bought a water bottle from Target I find myself drinking allot of water this had been great for both my hair and skin while also keeping away the extra sugar from juice or soda.

 I hope this will help you stay away from the freshman 15! 

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