Sunday, April 15, 2012


Alright y'all well I am in the final stretch for this semester and this weekend I spent most of it preparing for finals and the end of the semester projects. I also would like to say that sadly I will not be having any new posts till May 3rd , which is after my finals. This will basically reduce the temptation to procrastination and distract myself from finals and schoolwork. However you can email me if you have any questions or need advice at Before I go I would like to give all y'all some great tips that I use for the preparation of finals.

1. Start early, I usually start two week ahead planning out each day, in order to make sure I don't miss any projects or events going on.

2. Space out the material you need to study. One of the main reason why you need to start thinking about final so early is in order for you to break up the material so you are not over whelmed. I usually study 1-2 chapters a day for two to three classes.

4.Start thinking about what need to be packed away, I spent most of this weekend packing up some of the knickknacks in my room, this way I have a clean and organized space to work and and I am getting ahead on the packing.

5. Take the two days before and exam to review all your material, this should be a review since you have been studying for a few weeks now.

6. Adjust your favorites or bookmarks on your Internet browser. I do this so that I am not tempted  to click on twitter, facebook, or pintrest which can distract me. Right now most of my favorites are of online class resources for the class I am having most trouble with, but don't forget email  just in case  someone need to reach you.

7. Don't stress! f you take my advice and start two week in advance and break up the material you will be able to feel more comfortable with the information and still have time in your day for classes, exercises, and the most important sleeping.

8. Start going to bed earlier this way you can ensure that your body is going to be at its healthiest during exam week .

9. Make a daily to do list of of homework and studying you need to do ahead of time that way you will know exactly what need to be done and when it needs to be done .

10. GO TO THE LIBRARY!! Most of my friends hate the library, but I love it, I find it's the best place to be able to study without distraction, and since my library has a coffee shop I am able to reward myself for going to the library with a cup of coffee while I study.

I hope this will help anyone who is stressing over finals. I will be back on May 3rd with lots of more posts about summer !

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Top Ten Things You Might Forget to Bring to College

So we all know that there are alway things that you think you will never need in college but there are  also somethings that you will never think to bring to college that you will need. Here are my top ten list

1. Rain boots: many campuses flood and freak rain storms happen all the time .
2.Bathing suit: there usually a pool and also can be used for tanning
3. Flashlights: I have had yo use my flashlight a few times this year
4. Baking sheets: there will an occasion in which you will have to bake cookies
5.First aid kits: I have fallen allot on  campus and never think to bring band aids
6.Can opener: you never know when you will need this 
7.Aloe: I can not tell you how many sunburn i have had from doing homework outside
8.Batteries: they are always needed
9.Calcualtor: even if you are taking math classes
10. Duct tape: it is very handy for anything

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Siblings You Can't Live Without Them ....

National sibling day was yesterday, so in honor of yesterday I am creating a post all about my siblings.
I have three sibling; I have an older sister, older brother, and a younger sister . I absolutely love each of my siblings and I could not have asked for any better of siblings, so thanks guys and I miss you so much!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Freshman 15 !

I know hard but many freshman will fall to the freshman 15. I have been working on maintaining my healthy lifestyle, however sometime it's really hard.When you're in college everything is at your reach from pizza, fries to wings, all the indulgences are accessible but you don't have to cave in. Here are some great options to use in college to fend off the freshman 15! 
1. Drink juice, water, or milk, I know it tempting there being all access to soda but it is better to reach for some milk, or in my case soy milk, you will feel allot better

2. As my mom always told me "it's not the food that you eat at college, it the amount your drink that causes the freshman 15" so limit the amount you drink or don't even drink at all. You will feel allot better about yourself the next morning after a party.

3. Reach for veggies/fruit, my school has allot of fruit side options .

4. Exercise you will have some free time in college so take advantage and go to Zumba class or go for a run.

5. Limit the amount of Ramen and Easy-Mac you eat, this stuff is crap to me , it has a huge amount of sodium and preservatives in it.

6. Drink water, after I bought a water bottle from Target I find myself drinking allot of water this had been great for both my hair and skin while also keeping away the extra sugar from juice or soda.

 I hope this will help you stay away from the freshman 15! 

April 10th

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting over Break Ups ....

Well it's been a long  week and well I have been helping a friend get though a bad break, I don't have too much experience in this department, but after years of Tyra and Oprah I  at-least know what to do. However it can be every different for each person, here are some general tips on how to help cope

1. Be with friends, if you are alone this can cause you think more about the relationship, while if you are  with your friends they can help distract you

2. It's ok to eat some fatty foods, but not too much. I know it's  hard not too, but try and resist them temptation of eating an entire tub of ice cream or icicng. Instead go make a smoothie or even some trail mix this will give you some of your temptation but not with out getting too out of hand

3. Don't be that girl that posts all these depressing messages or status update, it's ok to be sad, but really this will just make it harder to move on.

4.Don't drink your sorrows away, I had a friend who thought this was her only answer , she would end up waking up the next morning feeling worse

5. Do watch some funny romantic comedies, these movies will make you laugh and see that some times things do work out for the best even if they are just in the movies

I hope this helps anyone who ever has to deal with a bada breakup. But remember absolutely no guy is worth the time of crying over.

Friday, April 6, 2012

College Tour Style

When you are touring college you want to look cute, pulled together, but also comfortable. How do do this you may ask, well here are some great options for college tours 

1. Choose a light weight sundress and sandals and you are set.
College Tour one

2. Choose a cute skirt and a t-shirt with cardigan and you will look so preppy! I love the earrings in this outfit they are perfect.
College tour two
2. College tour lilly style; Choose some cotton short and pair it with a button down for a pulled together yet relaxed look.
College tour Three

I hope that y'all like these outfit!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Untitled #54

College Tours

I am lucky enough to be able to guide tour around UMW, I love doing this, it really makes me feel like I am contributing to the school, and I love getting student as excited about UMW as I am. Well since it is about that time where you junior will be looking at schools or even you senior making your last minuet visit to schools. Here are some tips on visiting colleges.

1. Wear comfortable shoes: depending on how large the campus is, you are going to be doing  allot of walking. You don't want to wear those sky high heel along a could campus walk because chances are it's brick and heels and brick don't mix.

2. Check the weather, many a times it has been pouring rain and I will still be giving tour.  It  can be so humid that you can barely move so dress appropriately.

3. Dress to impress, you want to look pulled together especially if you have an interview, so make sure to wear something that cute but comfortable. I suggest a sundress, or a cute shirt and flats works fine.

4. Be outgoing, don't be afraid to ask questions, this is the school you will be at for 2-4 years so you want to know all you can know about the school. 

5. Talk to some students, on UMW campus we are all friendly and multiple times I have had parents asking about the school, to be honest I tell them the truth I tell them the pros and cons of the school. Therefore if you talk to current student you will get the perspective of the actual student rather than what the school has crafted.

Well good luck to all you high schoolers in your college endeavors, best of luck to y'all!
*PS the next post is also going to have to do with college tours so get excited!*
Let me just say sorry for the lack of post it seem like the past week has gotten beyond crazy from bio projects to multiple tests. I find myself running really low on motivation. For me I have a few tips to help overcome that feeling you get when you frankly dont' feel like doing anything or have a lack of motivation.

1. Plan out your day to the hour: I plan out my day the night before on i-calendar, I find that planning out my day to every hour that I will be less willing to waste time.

2. Go on a run or exercise: if you have some time on your hand go out for a quick run or exercise, I find that once I come back I feel extremely focused and ready to get to work.

3.Grapes: I eat grapes so much, they are like candy for me and when I am reading or studying it a great way to keep me focused.

4. Coffee: I live off of coffee, when I have sip coffee (not chug) I start to feel more focused. 

5.Change up your environment: sometimes I feel like I just can sit at my desk for an hour longer so I go to the library or even outside to study, our school has a huge lawn area which is my favorite place to study.

6. Work in a clean space: if your room is messy you will be distracted by them mess an be able to study.

I hope this helps and I hope everyone has a great Easter !