Friday, March 2, 2012


Today I started packing to head home and well like most typical girl, ran into the problem of fitting everything  I needed in. I deiced to resort to the Internet to help me pack and find some tips on making the most out of the space in  your suitcase. 

1. Roll your clothes, tightly roll your jeans, t- shirts and other garments that will not wrinkle easily. i was actually given  this tip by my mother , she is an expert on being able to fit allot of clothes into a small suitcase.

2.Wear your heaviest shoes, sweater, and jacket. That way, you don't have to pack them.

3. Remember this order of operations: shirts on the bottom, then dresses, then pants.This will help to reduce wrinkles and maximize your space

4. Make use of the outside pocket this way you can fill up the outside pocket with smaller stuff such as toiletries, jewelry as long as it's protected, and other small stuff.

I hope this helps anyone who is having trouble with spring break packing and everyone has a great spring break.

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  1. Perfect! I'll be sure to use this on the coming holiday!