Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Fever!!!

Well after a great weekend I am back at UMW, I am well stocked with spring essentials from shorts to tanks, I am  definitely ready for spring! Some things that remind me of spring/summer are

1. Lilly: There is nothing like bright color and fun patterns to put you in a summer mood.

2. Country Music; If I am just hanging out or not studying this is my soundtrack . I love driving around with the windows down and having country music playing.

3. Ice Tea: What more spring like than ice tea ?

4. Tan: I love the feeling of being tan

5. Sunglasses: I have a huge collection of sunglasses for all seasons .

6. Flowers:  I love this time of the year because all the flowers start to come out and makes everything more colorful.

7. White: Nothing looks better with a tan than white short or a white tank.

8. Jack Roggers: Do I need to  explain ?

9. Fresh Fruit: This remind me of eating outside on the patio.

What reminds you of spring? I hope everyone is having a great day !

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