Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Since  it starting to get warm so it's going to get humid. Humidity is my worst enemy and living by the beach espically, with curly hair you can not catch a break. My only solution of the frizzies are headbands I have  a huge collection of them and adore wearing them, they also  add a little something to an outfit. I started wearing headbands in  the beginig of high school after becoming obsessed with Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf. I absolutely love her headbandchoices, they were not the bland headbands, but ones that really made an outfit. Here are some of my favorite headbands

Burberry Headband: This is very versatile with the basic color you can match it with anything.

Lilly Headband: These are beyond cute and colorful.

Vineyard Vines: I just love this headband so much !

J.Crew: J.Crew has some great flower and jeweled headbands.

Tucker Blair : These headband are so cute!

Drugstores like CVS, Targe, and Walmart have a great selection of plastic headbands.

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