Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kiel James Patrick!

I have been watching this designer for awhile and have basically lusted over  the bracelets that that Kiel James Patrick has made. I was pursuing the website and I have deiced it's about time that I bought one. The only problem is picking just one of the bracelets. As I looked I fell in love with all of them and was making justification for what outfit I would wear with each of them.  The one reason why I absolutely love these bracelets is well because they are so well made, and for me that important. I love having accessories that can last. Another reason why these bracelets are so great is because they are so classic, they will never go out of style. The last reason is that the company actually allows you to customize what color button you want, which I think is great! I have narrowed it down to five of my favorite here they are;

1. Drocks Paddle Rack

2. Honey Frtiz

3.Brinkley Day Cape 

4.Moll Flanders

                                           5.Hummock Pond Nantucket

Saturday, March 24, 2012


 In college you have allot memorable experiences and well yesterday for me was one of the most memorable. UMW is very culturally diverse and in honor of the Holi; Festival of Colors, it  was so much fun. Basically you wear all white and you give each person  a package of powered dye. The whole point of this is to throw it up in the air or even at people, when the whole commotion is finished you have powder all over you, it's amazing  ... Here are some highlights
I hope everyone is having a  great day !

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Singing In The Rain

"Rain, rain go away so that I can go out and play". It has been raining non-stop for the past two days, I have the feeling that I am going to need a canoe to get me to class if the rain keeps up. My campus floods allot, there is a now a small mote outside our dorm. I encourage any seniors that is trying think of what to bring to college, bring rain boots and a rain jacket! You will be thankful when you see people coming in to class dripping wet and you are nice and dry. Here are some great option for rain gear.

I love the zipper on the back of these!

Hunter Boots: I love how many colors they come in, I have a pair of purple and I love them.

J.Crew; Bows + Pocka Dots = So Cute 

Target: Target makes such cute and affordable boots.

Tory Burch: These boots don't look like the typical bulky rain boots they have style to them.