Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sun Kissed

Next week is spring break which makes me super excited. This is time where I am going to catch up on work. Usually spring break for me is spent working on my tan but we are staying home this break so am I going for a healthier alternatives. I am going to try and fake a tan with the help of some special products

This is my usual tan from the summer, I hope that I can at least achieve this during my break.

Bronzer is always  a must  for me, I have naturally olive skin so physician formula goes really great with my skin tone.

Estee Lauder has some great options as far as eyeshadow colors, I am not a huge fan of the blue only because have brown eyes.

During the summer I live off this stuff, it dose not turn you orange thank goodness, it has a little shimmer to it which is really fun. Just make sure to rub it in all the way to avoid streaks and spots.

So during spring break I am going to have this products by my side, this way I can come back looking like I just spent break in Florida.

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