Thursday, February 23, 2012

study techniques

With midterm  next week the whole campus is in a frenzy, you will be hard pressed to be able to find a study desk at the library they are all full. You are continually running on caffeine and well for me my body is retaliating to all the stress so I am now sick. Anyways I thought it would be really helpful to give  guys some study techniques to use

1. Go back and look at your notes, I color code my notes to help me find the bigger concepts and then the sub-concept within  them.

2.Use flashcard for basic memorization; check out my stacks of flashcards for biology !!!

3.Take short breaks like 10 minuets, I learned this in general psy this semester that your brain process info better in short integrals rather than cramming everything in at once.

4.Get sleep and take care of your self during this week , I know it can be a very stressful week but still you don't want to be like me and have your body retaliating against you, it will slow you down.
This was a picture from lest semester midterm cram session. Never again will I do that to myself.

Good luck everyone one on their midterms and look at it this way, it will be spring break in no time !!


  1. Great tips ! Definately have to agree with you, cramming is the worst .

  2. I love your note taking and how you highlighted it! Are you pre-med as well?

    1. Thank you, I started out last semester as pre-med but decided to go into teaching so I am majoring biology and getting my elementary teaching degree on top of that.