Tuesday, February 21, 2012

P's and Q's College Style

I don't know if its just me, but lately I have realized that college students are not the most polite people(shocker I know haha).Today I was getting breakfast from one of our dinning halls and one of the serving ladies was taken back when I said thank you and to have a nice day, she said that made her day, most college student apparently don't even bother to say thank you. I was surprised, I could not believe this that even a simple thank you could  make this women day. This made me really reflect on how much I really use my manners and to my dismay I came to the conclusion that since I came to college I have not been as polite as I was in high school. But this is going change, my parents brought me up right I am not going to let the lack of manners on campus effect  me. My goal is to well focus more on my manners, to say more thank yous, hold more doors open, and well over all be more aware of opportunities in which I can help people. I am going to kick off this little goal with  the conquering one of my greatest fears, needles. As I was walking back from class this afternoon I saw all over campus blood drive signs. What better way to help someone than to help donate blood, so wish me luck on this little adventure.

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