Sunday, February 19, 2012

Money Money Money

Well it has come to a sad end the end of my Vera Bradley wallet, I  loved this wallet and it was great for college too because it could hold everything in needed in it such as phone, change, lipstick, multiple cards yet it as still  compact, I was able to carry it around everywhere. Well after a tragic accident with some soda, my wallet will never be the same so I am on the search yet again for a new wallet.

Francesca Joy dose an amazing job on her totes so I had to look up the wristlets. They are unbelievably perfect for me .

Francesca's Collection dose a great job of creating unusual accessories I love the color combination.

So I love the Lilly wristlet and it could fit all the essential that I need, it even has a place for my chapstick.

I love the durability of leather and Coach design is so cute .

I love the color of This Tory Burch wallet it would match everything with anything I own. 

Vineyard Vines whale wristlet .. Yes it's beyond cute.

Dose anyone have any suggestions of other places I could look for wallet/wristlets? I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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  1. Tori Burch has a small wallet that doubles up as a key chain.. I used mine for a year. I loved it!