Saturday, February 4, 2012

Collegiate Wear!!

 Today I had the great experience of getting to see one a my good friends from high school. She is senior this year and is looking at UMW so I gave her tour then we went out to lunch. I  was great to be able to see her , she inspired me to do a post on college apparel considering she could not resist buys a supper cute shirt from UMW. So here are my top pics for collegiate wear
Here is my favorite college t-shirt :

I love the pocka-dots on the shirt!

 Virginia Teach Preppy make a preppy introduction with Vineyard Vines ties .

Gorge Washington University tote from Vineyard Vines too cute !

Brooks Brother and their collegiate line is too precious , I love the UVA sweater!

Here is some of the sample things that Brooks Brothers is making collegiate

Dose anyone have a great website to find preppy college apparel?

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