Monday, February 6, 2012

The Attack of the Curls

Since middle school I have had a problem with my curls, my hair is as some people say untenable. The curls seem to to be too loose and they may be controlled or a hour with extra strength gel after that their are a disaster. Well in my freshman year of high school I was introduced to a hair straightener and let me tell you it was love at first sight. I  typically straighten or curl my hair everyday, which as you probably guess leaves my hair with dryness and the curse of split ends. Well today I decide that I was going to take control back over my hair and go though a straighting cleansing routine. Basically I will not be straightening my hair for a week, I find myself cringing even at the thought. Still I feel that I need to be gratefully for them and basically get use to having curly hair .These are basically the only picture of me with curly hair that I could find.

So wish me luck with the adventure. Does anyone have any tips on how to control curly hair, well thanks guys  hopefully I can stick with this.

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