Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You can tell allot about a person ....

You can tell allot about a person form what is in their purse and well since I am in college I don't usually have a bag I use  a backpack most of the time, unless I have a light class load then come out my totes! Well anyways I though I would show you what exactly goes into my bag for everyday

Well first this is my backpack I got it at a Crabtree and Evelyn Store, I absolutely love Vera Bradley, in college you will see allot of it! But thankfully I have not found anyone with the same patterned backpack as mine, it great though because it has three pocket and a pocket for my laptop which keeps my baby safe and sound .

In the first pocket usually have medium stuff  such  as my water bottle , drink allot of water to keep myself alert and happy.There is also my Lilly planner which I could not live without! Then I have my pink pencil case which keep everything together and I don't have pens rolling around at the  bottom of my bag. Lastly there is my glasses which I use for reading and my calculator which comes in handy in chemistry.

In the largest pocket I usually keep one to two binders, my other planner which I put important test due dates in and a composition note book for notes or other things, I love the color of my comp notebook , it just so bright its a welcome change from the black and white one that I always see.

Lastly is were I put all my small stuff. I carry around different colored post it notes in order for organization. I usually have  a granola bar in my bag because I find myself needing a snack and granola bar are the perfect pick me up. I also have gum in my bag because I need to keep busy while in lecture so chewing gum gives me something to do and helps me focused. The there is my wallet which is also Vera Bradley , phone and zip drive which come in handy when I am working in the library and need to save an article.

Well I hope you had fun taking peek inside my life, I hope everyone had a great weekend !

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