Sunday, January 15, 2012

Warm and Fuzzies

There is nothing more that I love more than scarfs and hats I am in love with scarfs  so, I decided since it's getting a little cooler outside. But one of my stage thing about me is that I hate gloves or mittens, I just don't like the constriction haha. So here are some of my favorite hat and other hand option for the winter .

From Francesca's i absolutely love this hat , it matches my brooks brother pea coat so well !

I love the bow detail on theses , and they not glove or mitten so they leave my hand free to move .

Even though these are glove , can I just say gorgeous, I love the color combo.

This is the same pattern as my backpack! Too cute .

Burberry need I say more ?

What is one your wish list for the winter? ... Maybe some cute gloves or a warm scarf, well good luck to you all .

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