Thursday, January 19, 2012


So as a fellow blogger I religiously follow many blogs, one in particular is College Prep. I have followed her since the beginning . Well I remember one of her post was about well stacks , which is basically stacks of bracelets.  After this I began creating my own collection of bracelets for my own stacks. I  love wearing bracelets, they have become an obsession of mine here are some of my favorite bracelets;

This is my new edition to my stacks, I have been wanting this bracelet from a while I, finally got the bracelet for Christmas. 

 This was gift from my mother on my 16th birthday. I love Brooks Brothers and it goes perfectly with my pearl studs.
This is my favorite bracelet out of the group , this was another present from my parent after a NYC trip  when I was 10, I have worn it ever since .

Are you a fellow stacker, what is your favorite bracelet? Are you a fellow College Prep follower, if you have not checked out her blog I defiantly suggest a look .

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  1. I love the Vineyard Vines bracelet! It is so cute!!!