Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Summer in January

So today I woke up to one of the most gorgeous day that there has been in January, today it is suppose to reach 70's and it suppose to be the same tomorrow. Well this has me thinking of summer and when I think of summer I think of shorts so here are so really cute shorts that I am looking forward to wearing any chance I can get.

I love these shorts I literally scoured every store that sold Lilly Pulitzer to get my hands on them, they were crazy popular last summer .

I love this patterned and shape of these shorts, J.Crew does a great job of coming out with cute shorts.
I love the floral pattern on these shorts they make me smile every time I wear them 
These short are more practical, but they go great with a t-shirt for summers  running around doing errands.

I hope everyone has as great of weather as I am having here in Fredericksburg.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Vineyard Vines New Arrivals

I don't know about you but I have been lusting on the the new arrivals of Vineyard Vines, they are perfect for spring break. During Christmas I got  allot of new Vineyard Vines stuff from my parents, they apparently had fun at one of the outlets. The outlets are a great place to find Vineyards Vines for a good price. Anyways I digress, the Vineyard Vines spring lines is perfect with their signature nautical theme and guess what critter shorts!!!  I am so excited to get my hand on a pair of those shorts. Here is just a taste of the spring 2012 line

 This dress it is perfect for a dinner out, or throw on a jean jacket and Jack Rogers for a more casual look
I am not a huge fan of cover ups but this pattern is perfect for a cover up and the pattern is really unexpected.

I am obsessed with theses shorts I am going to make sure that I get my hands on a pair of these babies.

I love the seahorse pattern in the skirt .

This dress also comes in a cute pink.

This bag also looks really good in navy.
heres the link to veiw the entire collection http://www.vineyardvines.com/category__18550_13059_____13051
I mean seriously I want everything, it looks like I  am going to have be doing allot of babysitting. I hope everone is having a great monday.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

on the run....

Well for the about year now , I have become addicted to running, it to the point where I can not go  day without going for a run , and if I do well then I am in a horrible mood. The other day I was looking through my closet like I usually do when I  am bored and I discovered that well I really don't have any good running clothes most of my running clothes are Sofie's and t- shirts. So I started to look at some really good running gear. Here are some of the cute running gear I stumbled upon;


Well I hope everyone has a great Friday and a great weekend!

Jan 26th

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Top Six Thing That I Have Learned In Collge So Far ......

Everyone believes that college is the best time of your life; so far I have to agree to that. Not only have I meet so many new people, but I have also learned so much about myself and I have become more accepting towards who I am. I high school I was always conscious about what people thought of me and I ended up missing out on allot of opportunities because I did not want to be dubbed " Un-cool". Since I have gotten to college I have basically thrown that philosophy out the window , I figured I am not going to miss out on something just because I am afraid of what people think so here are so thing that i have learned about myself in college and things that I learned out life in my first semester.

Things I have learned about myself  and about life in general:

1. I am actually a really outgoing person: I have discovered exactly how much I love meeting new people and getting to know them, in high school I was extremely shy because I was afraid I would say some thing wrong, haha that happened allot!

2. It OK to be a little different, the way I dressed in college is actually different from the way I dressed in high school. In college it's OK to feel like wearing an oxford and a headband and be preppy, while in high school I kind of stuck to a safer choice. College has helped me to embrace my peppiness.

3. It OK to take risks: I am how you say, a "safe person" I don’t take risk because I am always thinking about the consequences, but I found out that taking risk is exactly what I need to do life is too short to be playing it safe, so one goal for this semester is to take more risks.

4. Life is not always fair, I have heard this time and time again from my parents, but I never really took it to heart, it was not until I discovered that well not everyone is looking out for you, you have 

5. If you don't make choice other people will. This one Has change my entire look on life. I am usually a really easygoing person who is not very opinionated, but it was not until I got to college that I discovered that I may have been a little too easygoing and people making choice for me that I would not have approved of.

6. Perfect is not always Perfect: When I was in high school everyone told me that I was perfect, and that my life was perfect, actually one of my classmates compared me to a walking doll. Everyone believed that my manner were perfect, clothes, grades, basically my life. Well when I got to college I found out that some took me as being well, too perfect they took it as me being cold and judgmental, which I am not. So I loosened up a little and with that i found the gateway to friends after I became less "perfect" I actually gained more friends and these friends I can already tell with stay with me for a very long time.

So the moral of this entire post is to have an opened mind when you are at college or even life in general, because with an opened mind you never know what you will discover about yourself and your life. All you have to do is open up your mind to new experiences, new types of people, and even a new lifestyle, you never know what well happen.

What are some of your most memorable moment about school or life in general, are there any that changed the way you acted or saw life?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bare Essentials

So everyone has their essentials and let me just say that I am kinda a beauty queen and I love makeup!  There are certain things that I can not live without. To be honesty I actually stock up on them when they are on sale haha because I use the daily or if they just get gross.  Here are some of me beauty essentials that I use for my everyday look.

1. Black Liquid Eye Liner: Loreal Paris  telescopic water proof eyeliner
I love this stuff because it stays on for the whole day. I took my forever to be able to master it but now I am a pro .

2. Tinted Moisturizer; I  have really good skin so I don't like clogging my pores with foundation so I stick to moisturizer I love that this has SPF too !

3. Cream Blush Stick NYC, I LOVE this stuff it stays on all day and it gives my face a great glow

4. Physicians Formula Pearl Dust, this also helps give my face a great dewy look.

5. Tarte Mascara : their brush is perfect it gives my lashes volume and length

6. Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Finishing Cream : I am addicted to this stuff, I have really curly hair and the curls louse and frizz though out the day so this cream defines them without leaving them crunchy.

7. Bert's Bee Mango Orange, sugar scrub and body butter , it leaves my skin soft and it smells delicious.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hitting the Books Part Two

Library 2
Boyfriend jeans are a great invention, they are relaxed like sweats, but more presentable.

Library 1

This sweater that I found just made me want to curl up in it  and cords are nice a soft, but don't forget a cute tote to carry your book or computer.

This is one of my favorite outfits.

I love jewel colors but it took me forever to find tights that would match my dress.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hitting the Books Part One

In high school, grades seemed to have come easier to me than in college and this last semester was a wake up call telling me that I need to do more than just taking notes and relying on my memory of the notes . So I have deiced that I will try my best to spend at least 3 hour in the library a day either doing homework, reading or studying. This resolution got me thinking what do you wear to a library , it seems that it always too hot or too cold, the chair never fell comfortable and  if you don't wear something comfortable then you are now distracted by your clothes so I came up with some tip as to help out;

Tip one, just like the movies library can be extremely bipolar , it can be too hot or too cold so it is key  to layer, start off by wearing a light shirt and then have a sweater or cardigan to go along with it.

Tip two, don't wear something too tight, or too scratchy , if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing then you will not be able to focus on work.

Tip three, try your best to look pulled together, because you never know who you are going to run into. Also if you feel put together this will also boast your confidence and help you feel better about your self therefore giving you confidence to do your work.

Tip four, don't wear too much jewelry, especially bracelets, when you are wring and typing at computer having multiple ring and bracelet can juts get into the way. Furthermore if your library has quites study spaces, wearing too much jewelry = too much noise, which is distracting to the people around you so be courteous.

Tip five wear comfortable shoes, if you wear shoes that are too small you can become distracted by the tightness

Do you have any tips on what to wear to the library. I hope you have found these tips helpful, stay tuned for tomorrow's post when  I will come  up with some library approved outfit that help you stand out in the crowd of sweat pant and sweatshirts.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jan 20th

The Miracle Drink !

One can say that there is no better substance than coffee for a busy college student that is no exception towards me, I began my daily coffee drinking at the beginning of high school. Now that  I think if it 8am classes in college are nothing compared to the 5am wake up in high school. Well coffee  has become a miracle drink and a curse at the same time, I have become so addicted to it that I have to have at least 3 cups a day in order to get all that I want done.The fact that my college has a 24 hour coffee shop open has snot helped my coffee addiction either haha but when it comes to coffee I am not very pick man people stay loyal to a cretin coffee brands, well not me I have found my favorites form many different brands form Starbucks to Green Mountain Coffee. Here are some of my favorite flavor that I have to admit I have become addicted to;

Pumpkin spice coffee, mmm it just so yummy , I love Green Mountain Coffee it the right mix of boldness, and it comes in these great k- cup so if you have a Keurig Machine, Green mountain  is defiantly worth trying.

I have to admit I am also Starbucks person , I really love their Carmel Latte they are the just the right amount of sweet. I usually get on before I go to my chemistry lecture to help me stay wide awake and attentive .

This is how I start my day off with  a little bit of Dunkin. Both of these flavor are wonderful, I am not a huge fan of regular flavored coffee so I tend to go for some pf the strange flavors, but the strawberry shortcake is delicious and I can not get enough of the toasted along it tastes exactly like marzipan !
What is your go to drink to get you thought the day , are there any flavor of coffee that you can not live with out. I hope everyone has an amazing Friday!