Friday, December 2, 2011

The Belly of the Beast

I thought the best way for my followers to get to know me is to go into the belly of the beast, aka my dorm room. Even though I live in a triple I still have been able to add a little prep to my space with some great essentials.

Here is my list of some essentials to all of you preppy collegiates:

      1. Cute and comfortable bedding with lots of pillows, this will help you feel more at home. Top your bedding off with a cute throw and you will have sweet dream in no time.

    2.     Wall Pops, these thing are amazing, they are like dry erase sticker that make any drab wall fab. Furthermore these are extremely useful for notes, to do list, or even to keep track of events

  3.     Storage containers, because I live with two other girls space can be tight, so I use a lot of storage containers in my room. My favorite are the
       Martha Stewart crates, they come in great colors and are so cute! I got mine from Home Depot

4. Bulletin Boards, they can be for putting up pictures, notes, or even cards, bulletin boards are great for decoration and function.

   5. Rugs, they can make any regular dorm room feel like home, and your fiends will be thankful that there’s a comfy place to plop down to study instead of the   uncomfortable floor.

   6.     Desk Organizer, they come in handy when you have books sprawled across your desk, these babies will help your desk stay clean and organized, and if you get them in fun colors they can also brighten up your study space.
    What are  some of your room essentials, do you have any suggestions on ways to make my room feel more like home? Well that all for tonight, thanks so much and I hope you enjoyed my first post, there is sure to be more!


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